Hello friends and welcome to my circus blog! This is a personal blog where I will post about my life pursuing the dream of becoming a circus performer. I have been training and teaching single trapeze, flying trapeze, and doubles trapeze- along with a few other aerial arts here and there for several years now. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to drop me a line. Happy blogging!

Running away to the circus is possible!

England here I come!!

Running away and joining the circus is more difficult than I thought

And bureaucracy sucks.

Anonymous: hi! i was wondering how you do a monkey roll? I can do a single leg one but not a two legged one. do you have advice?

Well if you can already do a single legged monkey roll you are off to a good start. To do a two legged one I recommend that you get some momentum going into it to start out with either by beating down in knees before wrapping your arms, or positioning your arms and then rocking a few times. I prefer to beat first but I can also do it without, it is merely up to your strength ability and whatnot. Also, it is very important that you stay tucked in a little ball for pretty much the entire trick. There is a tendency to open out or sit up early which causes the bar to slip off your butt and you end up falling off forwards. So, swing hard and stay tucked and you should be fine. Hope that helps you, and have fun training!